Rihanna can’t quit Chris Brown

95% of the time it seems Star Magazine spends 10 minutes in a boardroom to make up stories so they can break for lunch for the rest of the day. This is one of those times.

Star says Rihanna still has feelings for Brown even though he punched her, bit her and gave her a black eye.

According to them, Rihanna has even stayed in touch and continues to make sure he’s okay and hopes that this doesn’t affect his career.

“She thinks this will all just blow over and they can go back to how they were.”

Which makes perfect sense. Women should always return to normal the next day and should ask if their attacker is all right. For example, if a woman gets raped, it’s always nice that they send flowers with a card that reads, “I hope my piercing screams didn’t hurt your ears and I hope my clawing didn’t scratch you up too bad.” Too many people nowadays fail to show proper etiquette after living through a traumatizing experience. Can you believe it takes some more than two days to get over it? Talk about being a drama queen.

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15 years ago

if she goes back to chris brown, she’s an idiot.

Herman Bumfudle
15 years ago

if i had a fool like that, she’d find herself seriously fuc’d. and when i’m done, she’d have to eat it.