Usher’s wife was put into an induced coma


New details have emerged regarding Tameka Foster’s “serious” medical emergency. G1 unearthed specifics despite Usher’s people calling for “total privacy” from the hospital. Reports say Foster was being anesthetized for liposuction when she went into cardiac and respiratory arrest. Doctors had to put her into an induced coma for 24 hours to stabilize her.

Usher canceled his Grammy appearance to fly to Brazil and brought along a neurosurgeon from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center who has been put in charge of Foster’s treatment.

There’s no reason given why she went to Brazil to get lipo when she could have had the same procedure done in America. Most of the time you go to Brazil to do things they won’t let you do here. Things like black market kidney transplants and living near high schools.

Report: Usher’s Wife Had Coma Induced After Lipo Mishap [E!]

  • jay

    “The bad news is that she’s an idiot who wears a crown to celebrate her birthday at a concert.” Umm, I thought the bad news was that she’s an idiot who has sex with a strange man who she surely knows is planning to take everything she has and then throw her away like a used paper cup.

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