Another man?

According to Ted Casablanca at E!, another man was the reason Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox split ever so briefly. Megan was allegedly spending a lot of time with this guy who may or may not be Robbert Pattinson and Green got jealous.

“They are both crazy jealous,” dishes the insider, adding that while BAG is pretty secure with his rising hot fiancée, “they both know how to push each other’s buttons.”

If this were me, she could hang out with whatever guy she wants. I wouldn’t approve and maybe I’d get a little jealous, but Megan Fox is ridiculously hot. If you told me I’d have to put my penis through a bear trap to get to her vagina, I’d close my eyes, clench my teeth and pray I make it in without setting it off.

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15 years ago

love her tattoo (:

Al Pelaez
Al Pelaez
15 years ago

Who is this man?