Megan Fox’s Outburst On Brian Austin Green’s Instagram May Have be Just Been the Beginning

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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s separation might get messy. You may have thought it was already messy when Megan Fox wrote half a goddamn novel explaining how angry she was that he posted a picture of himself with their son, but apparently we may not have seen anything yet.

Us Weekly reports that Fox is going to get way crazier as this break-up goes on.

“Megan and Brian have taken a turn for the worse because Megan can be unpredictable and inconsistent, which is a big reason that they separated in the first place,” a source tells Us Weekly exclusively. “She can be very hot and cold, hard to keep track of and difficult to deal with.”
The insider says that Fox’s relationship with Machine Gun Kelly “was an issue for Brian, then it wasn’t,” and it has become “more sensitive” as of late. “Despite the issues with Brian, Megan and MGK are still going strong,” the source adds.

The Japanese have a word for that hot and cold personality type: tsundere. It seems great in comic books until you have to date it in real life.

I also can’t entirely fault Green for having an issue with Fox’s new boyfriend; it seemed like we found out they were separated when Fox and Kelly started dating. Maybe you don’t want to be with someone, but when they start dating someone else 12 hours later you start to think maybe there was some overlap.

While Green seems to be fine with the way things have been going, we can only hope Fox is just having the first of many explosive public meltdowns over nothing. That Instagram freak-out was way more entertaining than any movie she’s ever been in.

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