Brian Austin Green Shrugs Off Attacks From Basically Every Woman He’s Ever Dated


Brian Austin Green probably didn’t think that posting a picture of himself with his son Journey was going to be the impetus for all of his exes to join forces and tell the whole world they still think he’s an asshole, but, well, here we are.

I still don’t understand why taking a Halloween picture with your kid is a reason for everyone to come at you with knives out, but Megan Fox, Vanessa Marcil and Courtney Stodden sure thought it was.

Green seemed to take it in stride, responding to all the drama by posting a video of himself collecting eggs from a chicken coup while his kids are at school.

Here’s what he said about the incident, via Fox News.

“I think there’s some eggs here in my chicken coop so I figured I would show you these because this is what I do…Living the dream,” he began.

“I just wanted to thank everyone who’s come on my page and been supportive of everything. It’s extremely kind and really appreciated,” he continued.

I don’t quite understand where Megan Fox gets the idea that Green posting pictures of himself with the kids is some sort of attempt to undermine her and make her look like a bad mother, but I’m glad Green is letting it get him down.

I also don’t know why so many celebrities have backyard chicken coops. Are they even zoned for chickens in Calabasas? That’s a nice neighborhood, you don’t want to see chickens running around.

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