Chris Brown is firing everybody

According to the NY Post, Chris “Fists of Fury” Brown is planning on firing his whole team, starting with his manager, Tina Davis, who is alleged to have sent the text that sparked the incident, but has denied it. Brown is “upset with his whole team” for handling the situation poorly and corrupting his image.

“Chris wanted to apologize [for the alleged beat-down] much earlier . . . and he was upset when the apology was finally released because it sounded so insincere.” Brown’s business attorney, Kenny Meiselas, said, “We are very happy with Chris’ team and there are no changes.”

The Post also says to not believe the rumors that Rihanna is recording a duet with Brown.

“She hasn’t seen him since they got back from Miami.” However, “she hasn’t made up her mind yet . . . she’s not completely sure she’s done with him yet.”

Rihanna’s people, including her management and label, are pressuring her to drop him, says the insider. “They want her to stand her ground. If she goes back to him, it would be a classic abuse case and impact her ability to be the strong, independent woman that her fans think she is and that her songs say she is.”

This, of course, contradicts the LA Times’ report on Chris and Rihanna’s duet. Polow da Don, the man producing it, confirmed to LAT that he’s been in the studio recently with Rihanna and Chris Brown working on the untitled love song. Details of the track are as follows:

  • Polow da Don wrote the lyrics and music for the R&B-flavored song prior to Brown’s Feb. 8 arrest. It was originally intended as a single for Rihanna, with a remix featuring Brown as a later roll-out.
  • After the altercation, however, the producer urged the two singers to perform the song as a duet and they agreed. The source said the song’s lyrics deal with love’s “trials and tribulations, the way love is complicated and blind” in a way that seemed to speak directly to the couple’s situation.
  • Recording took place in Los Angeles at some point in the last month, although the source was not exactly sure when.

So you can either believe the NY Post or the LAT or me, a devilishly handsome man sitting in front of the computer in a basement asking his mother to hurry up with the Bagel Bites. I think the choice is obvious.

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