Jessica Simpson’s dad is jealous

Joe Simpson, the creepy obsessive dad of Jessica, thinks that Tony Romo is distracting Jessica from her career and wants her to break it off with him. Of course, this glances over the fact that no one wants to listen to Jessica’s dumb music or watch her equally dumb movies and puts the blame squarely on her boyfriend for her failing career.

Face it. The only way Jessica is going to be relevant again is if she bounces naked on a trampoline or she gets fat and then skinny again. Barring that, Joe’s out of luck. Anyway, he’s probably just mad Jessica brings Romo to her photo shoots instead of him. Those tits are really fantastic, you know. Especially when they “accidentally” slip out of her dress which oddly enough, happened all the time when Joe was there.

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Ana Maria
Ana Maria
15 years ago

…I think the only way either of the Simpson sisters can be taken seriously is if they fire their dad as a manager…

15 years ago

Anna Maria, if they had the brains they would have fired dadager a long time ago…it worked for beyonce but lets face it b has talent. jessica is around for her looks and the fact that she is a sex symbol take her looks away and she would have been gone along time ago…