Jessica Simpson fails at country

As was first reported by Country Music Tattle Tale and then confirmed by OK!, Jessica Simpson has been dropped by her country label, Sony BMG Nashville. Readers noted that all mention of Simpson had been removed from  their website. Rumors say the reason for this was because of Jessica Simpson’s “antics” which include forgetting lyrics, hostile crowds and breaking down during her tour.

A rep attempting damage control tells OK! that Jessica is still on Epic’s label and was merely “on loan” to Sony Nashville for her country album.

Jessica seemed like every country fan’s wet dream. Blonde, wears cowboy boots, daisy dukes and has big tits. She must have been awful for this to happen. Similar singers could drown kittens on stage and still not be dropped.

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15 years ago

Is “Country” a metaphor for life. Hell, who am I kidding; there’s no way she would know what a met is for.