Michael Lohan will be Lindsay’s guiding light

The publicity hungry Michael Lohan has cleared his busy schedule of sitting around in his mesh shirt and pretending to take calls to offer his support for his very sad daughter Lindsay.

“Breakups are never pretty and they’re never easy. I’m here for Lindsay any time. I’ve cleared my schedule to go meet her in L.A. I hope Dina takes good care of her in the meantime. At a time like this she needs someone standing by her side. It’s about time she had both parents with her, without Dina driving a wedge between us. It’s time for Lindsay to resurrect her life and career.”

Right after Michael found out Lindsay got on the cover of Us Weekly, he rushes to her side. What a kind, caring, selfless man. Am I to assume that when Michael reaches LA, he will treat Lindsay to dinner at the most paparazzi ridden restaurant he can find and then ask the waiter to get a picture of him with his daughter using the DSLR with the wireless flash he just happened to bring along? Because that would be such a bonding moment. He should make sure to get one of her crying as well. Those are worth a lot more. Not money-wise, I mean, but memory-wise. A father-daughter moment is such an important event. Especially if you can sell it for $100,000.

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Ana Maria
Ana Maria
13 years ago

…the picture of Mr Lohan looks like it belongs on a gay magazine…

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