Hayden is a good speller

hayden panettiere tattoo

This turned into a much debated thing in the comments when Hayden first showed off her “Vivere Senza Rimipianti” tattoo. The last comment by “Angel Baby” settled it by pointing out it was probably the Italian phrase “vivere senza rimpianti” which translates to “live without regret.”

What no one noticed until recently after Hayden started sunbathing on a boat in Cannes showing off the full tattoo was that it was misspelled. Hayden’s tattoo has an extra “i” in it. Bwahahaha. You suck, Hayden.

It’s a simple fix though. Just do what the teacher did to my tests throughout much of the first grade and cross out the extra “i” and write “see me after class” next to it. Trust me. It won’t look stupid at all. Relatively speaking, I mean.

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