Rihanna has moved on

Rihanna was spotted at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge on Monday making out with “Canadian former child actor-turned-rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham.” A source provides more details.

“She was drinking whiskey and apple juice and making out with him all night,” says a spy. “They were really cute together.” Rihanna, who’s also been spending time in town with Katy Perry, peeled off with Drake at about midnight.

Who is this Drake fellow? That guy in the header pic? Nope. Still doesn’t ring a bell. Tell me more about this whiskey and apple juice thing though. Is it as disgusting as it sounds? I know there’s cranvodka, screwdrivers and white Russians, but mixing any alcohol with apple juice just sounds wrong. By contaminating my favorite childhood drink with whiskey, you’ve just raped it of its innocence. I hope you’re happy.

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