Chris Brown plea bargained

Chris Brown made his long awaited debut in court today for his assault case. Rihanna, his girlfriend who he repeatedly punched in the face, also showed up at the courthouse but, understandably, never made it to the courtroom.

Chris plea bargained. Instead of jail time, Brown will have to spend 6 months picking up trash on the road or cleaning graffiti and he’s been ordered to stay 50 yards from Rihanna.

In addition, he’ll receive 5 years supervised probation for felony assault which he pled guilty to. Under the deal, he’ll have to return to court every three months. Chris must also go to a domestic violence counseling program. Any violation of probation may result in up to 4 years in prison.

Is this justice? I was inclined to say no, but Chris Brown started slamming his fist into his palm which convinced me otherwise.

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14 years ago

Damn, his lawyer f’n sucks.

14 years ago

Totally not fair, but I guess justice in Hollywood is like a funny movie.

14 years ago

im happy that hes not goin jail his lawyer doesnt suck othere would have been to prison 4 time but he aint, god bless you c.breezy i love you i wish i can help you on the community service.