Lindsay Lohan hooked up with Ryan Seacrest?

X17 via FOX News claims Lindsay Lohan and Ryan Seacrest partied into the night at Lindsay’s room at the Chateau Marmont in LA before moving on to his house.

The two were at Lindsay’s place at 8:30 PM before hitting up the clubs. Afterward at around 12, Ryan stashed Lindsay in his backseat and drove back to her place.

“Lindsay was obviously trying to hide from the paparazzi,” a photographer told X17. “Ryan didn’t seem to care. It was almost as if he were proud to be with Lindsay. Ryan was laughing while Lindsay ducked down behind the seat of the car .”

According to, the music in Lohan’s room was so loud, the neighbors called the police. Two officers arrived 3:30am, and the pair “moved to Ryan’s house.”

“They were obviously partying inside at Lindsay’s, the music was so loud!” said the photographer. “I don’t think Ryan has any idea what he’s getting into.”

I don’t think Ryan Seacrest can handle Lindsay. He’s a newborn cub compared to her. She’s probably into crazy masochistic stuff. I can imagine Ryan Seacrest’s big smile disappearing when Lindsay starts dripping hot candle wax on his balls. He’ll probably be shrieking in the third person like, “Arrrrgh! Seacrest out! Seacrest out!”

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15 years ago

where samanta: D?

15 years ago

The only Lohan Seacrest might have banged is Michael Lohan. He is as gay as Sigfried and Roy put together.

15 years ago

Her and Ryan ? I feel so sick just reading it and feel he might need a penicillin shot. Since Ryan Seacrest has to go back and date Ricky Martin in Puerto Rico.