Rihanna is out for blood

Rihanna thinks Chris Brown leaked those nude photos of her all over the internet so now she’s devised an elaborate revenge scheme which involves leaking unflattering nude pictures of Chris Brown. So clever.

‘She has less than flattering nude pictures of him that she plans on leaking, says a well-placed source. ‘Rihanna says he’d be really embarrassed by them.’

‘Another thing she’s been talking about is spreading rumours about Chris,’ says the friend. ‘She wants to ruin his sexy image by letting it be known that he was a bit of a novice in the bedroom when they met and that she taught him everything he knows.’

In theory, finding out that after Chris prematurely ejaculates over your thigh, you might be used as his post-coital punching bag for thirty minutes to vent his frustrations out on might be the proverbial nail in the coffin. Judging by the comments from fervent fans, however, Brown could stab a newborn kitten with a screwdriver and they would somehow reason that the cat deserved it and that we shouldn’t be too hard on him because he has a nice ass.

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14 years ago

Now you have gone way to far with the animal and scredriver comment which to me makes you just as bad as Chris right now. If Rihanna does something like that at least I would know what kind of slut she really is being that she is only what a year and something older than him. Has nude pics and seen with so many different men not to long after the incident kissing on them and who knows what else. Not an idol for my children with talk like that, so keep helping her ruin her image for us.