Shauna Sand wants you to pay attention


Shauna Sand and her franken-tits hit up Miami beach over the weekend. In fact, she decided to go topless despite laws prohibiting this. You could spray Windex in your eyes and have a more pleasant feeling. The silver lining in all this is that this is perfect for if you’ve been meaning to toughen up your gag reflex. I lasted almost two minutes before I threw myself out the window.

The surgeon that did her nipples should really think about going back to school. It looks like they lasered it off and then used Elmer’s glue to put it back on.

Topless NSFW photos in the gallery.

  • the man from amsterdam

    oh jezus, poor guy. thats no way to live. i hope his knob is normal now.

  • Gerry Rafael

    Man, you´re sick. What vagina? You obviously don´t know much about pussies.

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