Kevin Fatterline is also cheap

Kevin Fatterline gets a hefty stipend from Britney every month that allows him to stuff his face with whatever the Pillsbury Dough Boy throws in front of him. Most of the time, for some inexplicable reason, he doesn’t even need to spend that money because clubs will comp him. The reasoning is that his name will attract more guests which in turn will popularize their club and generate more sales. Except, it doesn’t really work in this case because Kevin is a douchebag.

Nevertheless, K-Fed was filming his VH1 reality show and was comped two bottles of Grey Goose while partying at Wasted Space at the Hard Rock in Vegas with 15 other guests. Either he was too drunk or was just a big asshole, but Fatterline decided not to tip the servers.

This fatty gets paid $20,000 a month in child support and can’t even tip the servers a few bucks. And why should he? All the servers did was navigate through a club of drunks to place two bottles at his feet. It’s not like they were fending off attacks from bears and lions. Besides, they should just be happy they got to touch a bottle Kevin eventually took a sip out of. Serving Kevin is probably the pinnacle of achievement for them. You’d think they’d be content in knowing that now they’ll be able to die happy and not whine about a “tip”.

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14 years ago

I was at Wasted Space last week and their servers were all a bunch of douchebags, too. That said, I still tipped the miserable fucks.