Lindsay Lohan is a lunatic

Samantha Ronson got another surprise this weekend at 5 a.m. in the morning. That’s the new 10 a.m. by the way. Sam came home to a crying Lindsay Lohan on her doorstep again, but this time with a random girl. TMZ has the video and OK! Magazine translated the unintelligible audio.

Lindsay: Samantha where were you? You lost it, what’s wrong with you? (Sam walks to her door, as Lindsay squeals to the other girl) Stop! Stop!
Sam: Who is this person?
Lindsay: (clearly confused crying) I’m your girlfriend!
Sam: No, who’s this other person here?
Lindsay: You know her…
Sam: Then why were you yelling at her to stop?
Lindsay: Because she was trying to touch me[?]. Where were you?!?
Sam: This one has to go.
Lindsay: Don’t talk to my friend like that, Samantha (still crying).
Sam: She’s on my property, I don’t know her, I want her out. it’s that simple.
(some unintelligible talking)
Lindsay: Where were you? Where were you? Where were you? Where were you? Where were you?
Sam: I was with my sister.
Lindsay: You’re lying!
Sam: Yeah, I’m lying.

Jesus christ. This bitch is crazy. Every weekend Lindsay shows up at Sam’s door crying about something. She’s like an abused dog. I don’t think she can take a hint. One of these weekends Lindsay’s going to show up with a pair of scissors and start cutting her hair like all insane people do. The funny thing is this time Sam probably won’t show up. There’s an 80% chance one day cops will drag her away from Sam’s house and 5150 her.

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oh my goodness
oh my goodness
14 years ago

is anyone surprised?? she is the definition of a hot mess. do you know how many people she’s hooked up with? not to mention WHO she’s hooked up with? the list is a littleeee gross. i just found a list of all of her past hookups/one night stands/etc… and dear lord. im a little concerned for her health. look-–and–hookups/celebrityhookups