The price of beauty for Jessica Simpson is $25,000

Page Six says Jessica Simpson’s new show,  The Price of Beauty, begins shooting next week, but VH1 isn’t too happy about the budget. A source says it will cost $25,000 to get Jessica Simpson “camera-ready”. That’s $100 for her wardrobe, $20 for her hair and the rest for a bunch of empty boxes to play in. Whee, it’s a fort!

No, actually, they say “she insists on using her own hair, makeup and fashion stylists, who are more expensive than J.Lo’s.” A rep for VH1 said they don’t comment on their show budgets and Jessica’s rep says that all parties were happy with the budget before they signed off.

If it costs $25,000 to make Jessica look like that, it’s pretty sad. This is the same thing as going to a cosmetic counter in Macy’s. In fact, they should just make Jessica do that. Tell her it’s a beauty station set up exclusively for her. She’ll believe it. She believes anything. You could tell her that big orange ball in the sky is magical and that it grants wishes. She’d stare at it for at least a couple of hours before realizing you lied.

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