Victoria Beckham lives a hard life

Celebrities can always be counted on to spend their money wisely. Take Victoria Beckham for instance. She hired her own personal spray tan artist to come to her house twice a month. Victoria wears nothing but a paper thong while being sprayed with fake bronzer.

In an attempt to raise his level of job security, spray-tanner Jimmy Coco told the Daily Mail, “When we met, she had the worst fake tan ever.”

Oh, I’m sure she did. I’m sure this was the kick-start Victoria Beckham’s career needed. Wait, what does Victoria Beckham do again? Walk around and spend her husband’s money? Is that a job? You bet it is. Right now, she’s the best walker-arounder out there. Whew. It’s hard work being useless.

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14 years ago

I want that job. Just as long as we can keep David Beckham from speaking.