Kate Hudson wants to be impregnated by A-Rod

It’s that time again for Kate Hudson. Baby making time. Hudson just turned 30 and she’s ready to have another kid, reports In Touch. She already has Ryder, 5, with ex-husband Chris Robinson and a “friend” says she wants him to have a brother/sister.

She wants Ryder to have a sibling, so she brought up the idea to Alex and told him that they would make a beautiful baby together, and that she would assume all financial responsibility.” But the pal adds that A-Rod, who has daughters Natasha, 4, and Ella, 16 months, with ex-wife Cynthia, is just not ready for more kids right now.

If A-Rod could, he’d love to take a baseball bat to Kate’s biological clock. He doesn’t want a kid complicating a good thing. Namely, their ambiguous relationship. How’s he supposed to get laid on the side when groupies know he’s really dating Kate Hudson.

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14 years ago

thats proberly the worse thing you can ask to dude whos just divorced the love of his life gettin over a steroid scandal and taking time from his extra sexual curricular activities, baby mama hudson to arod must be like cryptinite to superman.