Megan Fox is Catwoman?

Put aside the fact that this report comes from The Sun who’ve been less than accurate before and that Christopher Nolan would probably never cast Megan Fox in anything and just imagine how great it’d be to see Megan Fox in skintight leather. Making me a sandwich. Is that what Catwoman does? I don’t know, but The Sun really likes the idea,

And I have a strong feline she is the purrfect choice for the part.

Megan will need to get into practice with her talcum powder application.

Slipping into the famous PVC catsuit always looked like a tricky business to me.

And I would like to be the first person to offer my services as a wardrobe assistant, should she need one.

Well, damn. Looks like The Sun has said all there is to say. They have a strong “feline” Megan is the “purrfect” choice? That was my pun!

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