K-Fat doesn’t care

In addition to being talentless, annoying, a douchebag and responsible for ruining Britney Spears, Kevin Federline is now also fat. He’s basically the ultimate social leper. But whatever. Much like other fat people (Kelly Clarkson), he doesn’t care that you make fun of his weight. Or so claims his ex, Shar Jackson. For some reason Shar was either invited to or snuck into HBO’s post-Emmys party in LA. It was there she said, “The beautiful thing about him is that he could care less.”

When asked for comment, Kevin Fatterline nodded in agreement and said, “If God didn’t want me to eat an entire 12 piece original recipe meal in one sitting, he wouldn’t have invented KFC buckets.” He has a point.

  • Tristan

    I think the beautiful thing is it’s “could NOT care less.”

    I suppose that explains why they bred.

  • Megan

    I’m glad the first comment pointed out their fucking retarded redneck misuse of “could care less.”

  • Laura

    The sad thing is, I know lots of people who use ‘could care less’. I explain the lack of logic to them and they stare blankly at me.
    Also, K-Fed didn’t ruin Britney. She was crazy before she met him (remember her quickie wedding?) and also would not have dated him had she been sane.
    I blame Madonna.

  • Patrick

    DAMN, he looks like a vanilla M&M!!!

  • Sean

    Man he has small hands….UH OH!!!

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