Tila Tequila shows her bruises

Tila Tequila showed off the bruises on her arm from Shawn Merriman who allegedly choked and physically restrained her. She looked like one of those peaches you squeeze a little too hard at the grocery store and cautiously put back into the pile making sure no one notices.

On her Twitter, Tila offers up another reason for the choking and beating. She claims that it’s because Shawn Merriman requested she sleep with his friends, but she declined. “Where else in the law does it say “BITCH WOULDN’T SLEEP WITH ME AND ALL MY FRIENDS…..SO CHOKE HER AND BEAT HER!” umm…NO!,” she writes.

Maybe Shawn should have asked in an old English accent. That always works because it makes you sound sophisticated and women love sophisticated men. Even more so when they drink their 40 oz. with their pinky up.

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