Another Jessica Simpson meltdown

In spite of reports of her supervised play date with Gerard Butler, Jessica Simpson has another case of the sads. According to Fox 411, Jessica conjured up a straight-to-DVD scenario where her and Nick would reunite over their missing (also known as dead) maltipoo, Daisy. Unfortunately for her, and the Lifetime execs who run her imagination, Nick reunited with his ex, Vanessa Minnillo, which left Jessica to suffer yet another “major meltdown”. Sources shared the following,

“She somehow got it in her head that Nick and her would reunite over losing Daisy, since [Daisy] is really Nick’s dog too.”

“She was supposed to have a fun Vegas weekend for her sister Ashlee’s birthday party at Wet Republic in the MGM Grand, but the only thing that ended up being wet was Jess’s pillow as soon as she found out Nick and Vanessa were staying at the Venetian right next door for Lavo’s anniversary party.”

Suffering a meltdown and having her pillow soaked in tears is what Jessica likes to call a Wednesday. I was originally referring to her being plagued with problems, but considering how bright she is she may actually simplify her problems into one word for easier comprehension. Her missing dog? Pancakes. Her inability to keep a man? Hamburger. She associates them with food because that’s all she has left in her life. Tacos.

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