Emmy Rossum is divorcing

Apparently, I was the last to hear that Emmy Rossum has been secretly married to record producer, Justin Siegel, since February of last year. But before I could take a second to enjoy the thrill of learning the details of a well-kept secret, Fox411 reported Siegel filed for divorce from Rossum last Friday. Normally, I’d be upset over being the last one informed, but the time it took me to find out all the wedding to divorce details ended up being equivalent to the standard length of a Hollywood relationship anyway. Right, Khole and Lamar?

Siegel is seeking spousal support and requesting Rossum cover the divorce costs as well. Had Rossum not kept this gentleman a secret, I could’ve saved her a lot of emotional investment in a dead-end guy by having a one-night stand with her followed by robbing her. What can I say, I give the ladies what they want and in a short amount of time. It gives them more time to heal this way.

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Jean Claude Grand Am
Jean Claude Grand Am
14 years ago

I ended up in a Khole once. It was deep and menacing like a monster’s bootyhole.