Joe Francis is a tough guy

Joe Francis must be impressed with himself. Fresh off his beating of former Playboy centerfold Jayde Nicole, Francis puffed up his chest and threatened to kick Brody Jenner’s ass too (read: drag him to the floor by his hair). His exact words were, “If I see Brody Jenner, he is dead.” He then added that Jenner has the smallest penis he’s ever seen. Penis size is very important to Joe Francis.

Of course, Francis said this before he unexpectedly ran into Jenner minutes later inside the Star Magazine party. Did Francis deliver that ass kicking to Jenner? Page Six has the shocking details.

“Brody’s boys stood up as soon as they saw Joe. Lo Bosworth told them all to calm down and not do anything crazy. Brody and his pals walked out giving Francis dirty looks. Francis stood there with his tail between his legs. He looked scared [bleep]less.”

Joe Francis is like one of those kids that talk a big game but rarely do anything besides get stuffed into a trash can. He’ll probably come up with excuses like, “Brody Jenner had backup” or “I didn’t want to cause a scene” or “Brody got a haircut which gave him an unfair advantage” or “I had to run to the bathroom because I peed myself.”

Jayde Nicole as the header because she’s much prettier than Joe Francis.

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