Michael Lohan is good people

Those tapes that Michael Lohan released of Lindsay Lohan last week? He was shopping them around for six figures, but eventually after the endless laughter, he had to release them for free. Sort of. He allowed Radar Online to post the tapes in exchange for a paid interview. Of course, to hear Michael explain it, he did it for his daughter. What a lucky gal that Lindsay Lohan must be.

A source told us, “Michael initially asked for a large fee — six figures — for the tapes of Lindsay and Dina, but he didn’t get any takers. Radar Online also refused to pay for the tapes, so in the end he agreed to a deal to release the recordings for no fee, but giving him the exposure he needs with a paid interview.”

Michael told us that a six-figure demand for the tapes “was a complete lie,” but when asked if he was paid for his interview, he said, “That’s in the hands of my lawyers. They deal with that.”

He insisted, “This isn’t about money or getting paid, it’s about saving my daughter.”

Michael and Dina Lohan are worse than those lions that eat their young. At least with them, you know you’re going to get. With these two, there’s no sweet release of death. They just string you along mental breakdown after mental breakdown while profiting along the way. In their eyes, Lindsay is pretty much the world’s loosest slot machine.

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