Rihanna will share her story

ABC released their Good Morning America and 20/20 promo of their exclusive interviews with Rihanna this Thursday. The promo boasts Rihanna will tell her story “for the very first time”. Recent events pertaining to Rihanna seem to have escaped me as I’m unaware of what she’ll be sharing for the first time. Maybe it’ll involve her move from Barbados to America and her slow rise to super stardom. Maybe she’ll share the different meanings behind her tattoos. Or, perhaps, she’ll share how a woman should know her place in a relationship and learn when to keep her mouth shut. This interview has so many endless possibilities, but I still won’t be tuning in. You see, my husband will be watching this Monday’s DVR’d football game and I’ll be cleaning the kitchen like he told me to. All while remaining bruise free. Oh yeah, I’m living the American dream.

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