Kourtney Kardashian will be a great mother

Kourtney Kardashian is due on Dec. 23, but she had a scare last week when she peed herself and thought her water broke. Kim talked to Ryan Seacrest in an interview on KISS-FM Thursday and explained, “She’s [Kourtney] never experienced it; she has no idea. She was out at lunch – this is TMI – and some fluid came down her leg and she was like, ‘My water broke!’ She bbm’d me and I go, ‘No, no, no, you will know. You’re fine.'” Kim didn’t say the liquid was urine, but I’m assuming it is. I’m also assuming Kourtney is a dumbass.

By the time this baby comes out, it’ll already have a minefield of death traps to navigate through. Kourtney probably thinks baby proofing a house means painting everything pink and that a mobile is a bunch of Hot Wheels cars dangling above the kid’s head. She probably thinks the kid can already walk and talk by the time it comes out. When it starts crawling around googoo gagaing, she’ll probably yell at it to stop doing that “retard s**t” and get so frustrated that she starts crying. By the time its three, the only skills it’ll have learned is how to work a stripper pole.

Also, the NDYN put this video on the article and now you’ll have to suffer through that screen cap like did. Click on the video to find out what horrors lie in wait.

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11 years ago

These are the 3 most immoral disgusting pigs ever put on TV … & how many more face lifts is papa Bruce Jenner going to get!!! he looks more & more like my 91 year old grandma every day- REALLY REALLY WEIRD!

They are all HELL beasts that should go back home right NOW!

10 years ago

This is what you call trailer trash with money, I feel bad for Brad; this is what you get for spoiling your kids.

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