Susan Sarandon likes them young

A day removed from finding out Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins split after 23 years of unwed bliss, Gawker got a tip that Sarandon already has a new piece. 31-year-old ping pong entrepreneur Jonathan Bricklin, son of Subaru of America founder Malcolm Bricklin.

The story is only sort of believable in that Susan invested in Jonathan’s ping-pong club Spin in NYC. She also doesn’t mind the age difference. She and Tim Robbins had a 12 year age gap.

However, Susan’s publicist tells ABC News that this is a lie. “The rumors are absolutely untrue,” Cannaday told “Susan’s relationship with Jonathan Bricklin is strictly a business one.”

If it were true, Susan should admit it. That way I can high-five her and tell her about my new venture. It involves opening a hipster hot spot themed around a sport so dorky that it’s become cool and trendy. Ultimate frisbee or math.

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14 years ago

Maybe, she just likes ping pong because it’s f**king cool… It’s the new Basketball… But, I’m sure you will do well with your math club! Maybe, you can get courtney love to invest! I wish I could give you a high-five for this article…