Jessica Simpson ripped one during a business meeting

Us says Jessica Simpson “let out a very loud fart” during a business meeting for her denim line while one of the “executives were speaking in a room full of five people.” The source says Jessica’s mom turned to yell at her. “The tension was extreme. No one knew what to say.”

Years ago Jessica used to be really hot. One of the most desired women in the world. Now she performs at county fairs and rips farts during business meetings. That’s a steep fall. It’s like the clock struck 12 on her and her carriage (in this case a metaphor for her ass) turned back into a pumpkin.

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14 years ago

Actually for some reason I find it to be hot in a earthy kinda way. I know we tend to think of sexy women as smelling like a rose all the time, but you can’t tell me if Halle Berry or Megan Fox let one out, you wouldn’t find it to be a unexpected turn on. It just goes to show that underneath, they’re just as dirty as anyone else.

14 years ago

Uhhh…well, I certainly don’t find it a turn-ON, but I’m ultimately in agreement with Jeff there that we’re all only human, even those of us placed on a pedestal. I was unaware that Jessica had lost much of her fame, really. I find it arbitrary. In other words…SO WHAT?!