Marc Jacobs got married

Marc Jacobs hit up St. Barths last week not just to hang out with his boyfriend, but to get married. Guest of a Guest says that Lorenzo Martone and Marc were wed in a private ceremony. They’ve been engaged since March.

After the nuptials, they were treated to an exclusive private dinner hosted by Larry Gagosian which included guests Russell Simmons and his girlfriend Porschla Coleman. And if you were thinking how they could gay up the wedding some more, here’s how:

The most adorable part of their wedding? The cake toppers, which were molded to look exactly like the couple, with mini-Lorenzo in a tux, and mini-Marc wearing his signature kilt and no shirt so as to best showcase his Sponge Bob Squarepants tattoo. Also joining them on top of the cake was Jacobs’ pitbull Daisy.

Good luck to those two. And as a late wedding gift, I hereby declare Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone as the best gay celebrity couple to be seen at the beach together. Previous title holder Ricky Martin and his friend lost out due to inactivity. You’re going to try harder if you want to win this one, Ricky.

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