There’s a hit out on Jon Cryer

You know that terribly unfunny, but surprisingly popular show Two and a Half Men starring Charlie Sheen? Well, Jon Cryer is Sheen’s co-star and now he thinks a hitman hired by his wife is gunning for him after receiving a death threat. The FBI is currently investigating his claims.

Cryer and his ex have been embroiled in a bitter custody fight, which has gotten even more intense recently.

Sources tell us the FBI has been on the case for a week. As far as we know the agency has no suspects. The FBI declined comment.

As we first reported, security descended on the set of “Two and a Half Men” last Friday and the show was taped without an audience. We’re told this Friday’s show will also be taped without an audience … but it’s for creative, not security reasons.

Our sources say Cryer has told people the threat has abated and he feels more secure.

Oh, please. This guy is overreacting. There’s no hitman after him. If there was, they wouldn’t let him know by sending him a death threat. That’d totally take away the element of surprise. When you’re about to punch someone, you don’t tell them they should really think about ducking. You just punch them in the face. He probably didn’t even receive a death threat at all.  It was probably a memo from CBS that said, “You’re going to diet,” because he was getting a little pudgy, but the paper was folded in a way that obscured the last letter so Jon read it as, “You’re going to die.” And even if it was a death threat, it probably wasn’t from his wife. It was probably from one of the millions of people who think his show sucks.

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johnny crybaby
johnny crybaby
13 years ago