Dr. Conard Murray will be arrested today

A criminal complaint against Dr. Conrad Murray has been drafted and is ready to file. TMZ says pretty soon Murray will be charged with the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. Murray is supposedly aware of this and will surrender without incident. They say Murray’s defense is already “mapping out a strategy”.

A good strategy would be to shrug his shoulders and tell the judge, “No hablo ingles,” and then wave off the judge while trying to shuffle out of the courtroom. The judge will realize they have the wrong guy. How can this man who doesn’t even speak English be the killer?! That’s inconceivable. Case closed.

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14 years ago

“Case Closed” hu? Ya think??? Cause he doesn’t speak English? Oh yeah…of course! What was we all thinking…I forgot…Ya HAVE to be American to murder anyone! Silly me!AND he had brains enough to be a Doctor….but NOT brains enough to commit murder.Right….cause only American speaking doctors can screw up and give someone in such frail health several different drugs,1 of which he KNOWS was ONLY suppose to be given in a hospital surrounding because of it’s danger AND the fact that MJ should’ve been constantly monitored,AND only An American doctor would give somebody a dangerous drug like that, THEN leave… Read more »

14 years ago

he will go down he killed mj simple as !

he gave propofol with out hospital equiment , a reason why he gave da drug (knowing he wasnt meant to) was he had no money so he gave in to temtation … bad doctor … he admittted having no money , he admitted giving da drug 2 mj , he has no defense , there is no reason why he should not go down !! i love u mj !!!