Lindsay Lohan is a “brand damager”

Poor Lindsay. She’s dead to everyone now. No one wants to hire her much less invite her to events because they think she’ll drag their name through the mud. Which is why she was absent from Jill Stuart’s Fashion Week show.

A source close to Lohan says she wasn’t invited because the designer’s team considers Lindsay a “brand damager”.

“A lot of designers, and especially Jill’s camp, don’t think she’s worth all the press she’d get their show,” an industry insider leaks, although Stuart denies that she banned Lohan.

But we hear Linds’ absence from NYC is a little personal, too: Her ex-girlfriend, deejay Samantha Ronson, and Sam’s twin sis, designer Charlotte, practically run Fashion Week.

“Fashion Week kind of belongs to the Ronsons,” says the source, “and Charlotte had Lindsay banned from both her show and after-party — just like she did this past fall.”

Lindsay went from being the “IT” girl to the leper of Hollywood in a matter of a few years. You’d have a slower fall if you jumped out of an airplane.

Below: People who were at Jill Stuart’s show.

[New York, February 16. Images via Bauer-Griffin.]

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Herman Bumfudle
Herman Bumfudle
14 years ago

lindsay lohan is her own brand.