Megan Fox faked it

Looks like someone wasn’t being truthful in that Megan Fox Motoblur commercial during the Super Bowl. In the ad which cost an estimated $2 – $3 million to make, they used a hand double in place of Megan’s real hands because her toe thumbs would have freaked everyone out. The Daily Mail says:

In the commercial, a totally different woman’s fingers are seen playing with the phone during the close-up.

The actress has a genetic condition called brachydactyly, which means she has clubbed thumbs.

So rather than use her actual thumbs for the close-up on the new Blur smart phone, Motorola enlisted a hand model.

While Motorola were likely expecting lots of internet buzz over Fox’s naked appearance in the ad, bloggers couldn’t help commending on her hands.

Honestly, Megan Fox could have baby T-Rex arms and I’d still be able to finish in 5 seconds if she put her hands on my penis*. But that’s more due to my dinosaur porn fetish than anything else. Although maybe it’s true. People aren’t ready to accept toe thumbs. I guess they’re not as mature as me.

*Giggle. I said penis.

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