Lindsay has been wronged

Not only is Lindsay delusional, but so are all the Lohans. Speaking to Page Six, Dina Lohan said that the E-Trade commercial featuring a boyfriend-stealing milkaholic baby named Lindsay gave the real Lindsay the sads. Hence, why they now want $100 million in pain and suffering.

“She said, ‘Mommy, help me. This is wrong. How can they do this?’ ” Dina Lohan said of a tearful phone call with her 23-year-old daughter after the big game.

“They’re little babies doing this, mocking another child who’s just trying to survive Hollywood, basically,” Dina Lohan said.

“I’m just basically glad I took a stand. I’m not going to let them do this to us anymore,” Dina Lohan said of the “horrible” and “mean” ad.

She said that the ad was clearly aimed at her daughter because unlike other stars, her daughter’s first name is synonymous with the “Herbie Fully Loaded” actress.

“Everyone knows Lindsay, like Cher or Madonna,” Dina Lohan said. But Grey Group, which produced the ad, insists that — unlike Oprah or Cher — Lindsay is a popular baby name. In fact, company spokesman Chris Brown said that someone working on the spot shared the name as well.

Whatever Lindsay and Dina are smoking, it must be fantastic. Let me guess, right after the commercial ended, Lindsay turned to her unicorn named Rainbow Brite and asked, “That commercial was about me, wasn’t it?”

The only difference between Lindsay and a crazy person is that instead of seeing secret messages from the CIA, Lindsay sees dollar signs.

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13 years ago

Lindsay looks like a drugged-out, forty-year-old hooker stumbled into the wrong party.

What makes me a little sad typing this comment is that I don’t mean it as an insult, but a fact.

13 years ago

I’m so sad for myself.

I can’t even IMAGINE being that high… ;)

13 years ago

I want Lindsay Buckingham to file a $100 million counter-suit against the Lohans for the assumption that that used-up no-good no-talent name-lobbyist is the only Lindsey/Lindsay anyone has ever heard of or gives a crap about.

Mess with the Lohan! MESS WITH THE LOHAN!