Lindsay Lohan could go to jail

Lindsay Lohan may be facing jail time after her court hearing next month if the judge goes through with his threat. Lindsay, on probation for DUI, was told by the judge she must show up to alcohol education classes once every 7 days as part of her agreement. The only time she can miss it is if she was in inpatient rehab which obviously she wasn’t.

However, Lindsay tried to be sneaky by showing up for class every 21 days as the school she was enrolled in only notifies the court if a student had been absent more than 3 weeks. She fulfilled the school requirement but gave a big FU to the judge. Per TMZ:

We’ve learned what’s going to come out at Lindsay’s progress hearing on May 20 — that she has habitually violated the judge’s requirement to attend classes at least once every 7 days.

Judge Revel has made it clear to Lindsay — no more chances. If probation is violated, she’s going to jail … and probation was repeatedly violated.

We asked Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, for comment and received the following email: “We have received no negative written report from the program and contend Ms. Lohan is therefore in compliance.” Good lawyering for sure, because — as we just told you — the program may not have a problem with Lindsay, but the judge is going to have a big problem.

Lindsay spent 90 minutes in jail when she hijacked an SUV and was found with cocaine. How long do you think she’s going to spend in jail this time for a parole violation? 60 minutes? That’d be rough. That’s like an entire episode of Lost!

If they did an artist rendering of Lindsay Lohan in court, you’d see the judge’s chin resting on the palm of his hands while his big, wide eyes fluttered and little hearts popped above his head. After Lindsay’s lawyer finished his statement, the judge would go, “Hmm? What?” and then bang his gavel and say, “Not guilty!”


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