Lindsay Lohan sounds charming

Leonardo DiCaprio and Lindsay Lohan were in deep conversation at Trousdale on Tuesday night. A guest said they “didn’t pick up a flirty vibe from them, well at least not from Leo, I’m sure Lindsay would die to date him! But they looked like really good friends and I would definitely say this wasn’t the first time they had spent time together. Lindsay was totally  holding Leo’s attention and he was even ignoring all the gorgeous girls that come over to hit on him — very un-Leonardo like of him!” Clearly, this guest had too much time on their hands. At least they said this though:

“Lindsay was an absolute hot mess though. She was sweaty, and dancing all over the place with a cigarette and drink in her hand continually all night long. She was chain smoking and was really knocking back the drinks, she was clearly messed up.”

Lindsay Lohan is a sexy beast. I bet all the guys loved it when Lindsay rubbed up on them pretending to grind, but secretly wiping her sweat off on their shirts. They all probably went home to tell their buddies that they danced with Lindsay and their proof was the Lindsay shaped sweat stain.

Here’s Lindsay looking cracked out at the Young Hollywood party yesterday.

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