So much fail

The whole point of American Idol is to find the most talented and charismatic singer of the year. One the public will love enough to vote for. Contestants go through audition after audition to impress both the judges and America and spend countless nights wondering if they’re the next to be booted off the show. They probably spent most of their lives honing their craft to one day make it big.

Consequently, it must be real discouraging and frustrating to watch a world famous band with little to no singing ability perform and dance around in front of them like idiots while the audience blindly cheers along. The remaining contestants must have done their best “WTF” face when watching The Black Eyed Peas perform on American Idol last night. None of these guys can sing without autotune. Will.I.Am sounded like he was drunk karaoking, Fergie screeched a few notes and I’m pretty sure they turned the other guy’s mic down. If I was an Idol contestant, I would have just hung myself right there.

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