Megan Fox wasn’t fired, she quit

Megan Fox’s spokesperson is denying earlier reports that Michael Bay dropped her from Transformers 3 and that it was her decision not to return. Although, Fox wishes the franchise the best.

To recap. Megan Fox dropped out of a billion dollar franchise. A franchise that probably would have been great for her career. That’s very believable. That’s like me saying I voluntarily left Marisa Miller’s house when I really was dragged out by security still twitching from the active Taser barbs stuck in my chest.

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Palin Puss Fart
Palin Puss Fart
12 years ago

What a liar!

Johnny 1
Johnny 1
12 years ago

Honestly, the Marisa Miller line is a good one…… agree… but also, think about it this way. Marisa Miller should do it, she would be a perfect new different approach to the movie, plus something different….

You should write about that…