Lindsay Lohan was only a little intoxicated

Lindsay Lohan swears up and down on Twitter that she didn’t have anything to drink when her SCRAM bracelet went off and that people were out to get her. This is in spite of Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, telling TMZ that her SCRAM “indicated the presence of a small amount of alcohol on Sunday night.” Holley continued, “Having just received the report, I am not in a position to speak to its accuracy or validity, however, Ms. Lohan maintains that she has been in complete compliance with all of the terms of her probation and her bail.” Lindsay is currently out right now on $200,000 bail of which 10% was paid by bail bondsman David Perez.

Jesus. Lindsay should be in jail. There’s a 1% chance that thing went off by accident. Consequently, there’s a 99% chance Lindsay set it off by drinking alcohol. Is there even a point to that SCRAM bracelet? Maybe it’s just a cool fashion accessory. The judge is probably sitting there dumbfounded and wondering what to do next because she didn’t count on Lindsay being such a dumbass.

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14 years ago

I hate the fact that Blohan isn’t in the pokey but in reality, the L.A. County Jail system is so screwed up. She is only charged with a misdemeanor, which means that throwing her in jail until her July 6th hearing is unfortunately overkill. I mean, Charlie Sheen puts a knife up to his wife’s throat and threatens to kill her and he’s out on bail and no one is bitching about that…The Judge is just doing what she would do for any other misdemeanor DUI case — but it still sucks. I would bet anything though that if the… Read more »

14 years ago

Just go do some time, about 4 hours or so, just like Paris Hilton, Cloe Kardeshian, and many more that are supposed to be in jail for a much longer period of time but end up only for a short time. My lunch break is longer than that.