Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM bracelet went off

During one of the MTV Movie Awards after-parties, Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM bracelet went off. Witnesses saw the monitor “flashing furiously — bright red, fast flashes — right through her boot!” There was no audible alert like “Ho, you been drinkin'” but “you could definitely see flashes.” Sources say they didn’t see her consume any alcohol or do drugs and that Lindsay didn’t seem phased.

Radar and PEOPLE also report that Lindsay’s SCRAM was set off. PEOPLE suggests someone may have spilled on Lindsay’s bracelet. Which was in her boot… A forensic expert says just because a SCRAM is triggered doesn’t mean the wearer was drinking.

Radar says all Lindsay can do now is wait until the judge gets the report from the SCRAM company. Any alcohol in her system would be a violation of the judge’s orders and Lindsay could go to jail. But she probably won’t. The bracelet could report a BAC of .5 and all the judge would do is shrug their shoulders and pat Lindsay on the head to congratulate her on cheating death.

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