Lindsay Lohan is doing great

Lindsay Lohan managed to escape jail time today when the judge said she wouldn’t put her behind bars for when her SCRAM bracelet went off. Although like everyone else, the judge did find it ridiculous that they had Lindsay submit to a urine test when her BAC had already reached 0. However, the judge is still considering jail if she finds out Lindsay violated probation by missing her alcohol ed classes.

In related news, Lindsay was served on her way to the courtroom. The case suit is in regards to the $17,000 she allegedly stole. She was in the elevator when a process server threw papers at her.

The process server says Lindsay “freaked out,” told people around her to get the guy out of the elevator and away from her. The process server says he attempted to hand Lindsay the papers but she would not take them so he dropped them on the elevator floor, by her feet.

Under California law, generally a process server has done his job when he comes face to face with the person served.

They should have put lines of sugar on the paper or tried to convince Lindsay there was a script inside. The second one would be funnier because it would give Lindsay a little bit of hope before tearing it away from her.

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