Melissa Etheridge’s ex is tricky

Melissa Ethreidge’s ex, Tammy Michaels, used their 3-year-old twins as pawns in order to serve her divorce papers according to a declaration released Thursday.

“In a ploy to have me served, and mistakenly believing that by serving me I would have to dismiss my Petition, [Tammy Lynn Michaels] used our children as pawns,” Etheridge states in a declaration released Thursday in which she describes how she was presented with her ex’s petition for sole custody of their 3-year-old twins.

The Grammy and Oscar winner says Michaels told her the kids were going to meet Etheridge at her hotel. “Finally, I received a text message…stating, ‘My plans changed, sorry,'” the singer recounts.

Tammy now wants around $12,000 a month in spousal support and child support saying she gave up her “lucrative” acting career to become a stay-at-home mom. She lists her monthly expenses at $6,000 for rent, $1,500 for groceries, $800 for eating out, $50 for laundry and cleaning and $5,000 a month in clothes. Michaels claims Etheridge makes between $600,000 and $750,000 a month which is more than enough to pay her with.

If I was the judge, I’d give Tammy only enough money for the kids and tell her to go find a damn job. Boo hoo, you can no longer live your $20,000 a month lifestyle. Here’s the world’s smallest violin playing for you. The judge should tell Tammy to get her ass to Ross Dress For Less and apply for a Vons club card. Every expense she gives is ridiculous. And it’s not like it’s for the kids. You could give them an oversized box and they’d be happy.

  • Me La Da

    If gay people want to “play house” than they got to pay for it too. I don’t see why her ex has to get a job. She has one. Being a stay at home mom isn’t easy and she didn’t list a nanny as one of her monthly expenses. And like a straight woman, she should have the rights to her fair share of spousal/child support.

    • Dank

      She could afford to be a stay at home mom when she and Melissa were together. Not that they’re not, Melissa barely owes her shit save for good and clothing for the kids. What kids at $1500/month worth of food??? This bitch wants to continue to live the high life even though her marriage to a wealthy woman is over. She wants custody of the kids but whines about putting her acting career on the back burner for them. WTF? Dont bitch about your lack of a career and file for sole custody in the same breath. Thats retarded.

    • Dank

      oops i meant food, not good.

  • Whatever

    Oh Please…I’ve got no sympathy for Melissa seeing how she went about filing for divorce…. stupid lesbian…. I hope Tammy gets LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY.

  • Brett

    I find it very hard to believe that Melissa Etheridge makes between $600,000 and $750,000 a month. I’d buy that maybe she makes that in a year, but a month, I don’t think so. She hasn’t had a hit song in about a decade and probably hasn’t had a platinum record in just as long. And she can’t be making that much money off of touring.

  • EcoTools

    ya, i dunno Melissa Esthridge is kinda being a bitch here, not Tammy. I mean Tammy was basically the woman in the relationship and now Melissa is hoping to use the gender role blur to protect herself, when really she abided by the 1950’s nuclear household ideal than most of america. if the bitch doesnt wanna pay for the kids than she can take them with her on the road and in the studio and raise them properly like her widfe was doing for her, see how fast the betch makes other arrangements for the kids to be raised.

  • Dmar

    What does any of this have to do with their sexuality? They are a married couple, going through a divorce, doing the same thing all other couples that are divorcing do. Fighting and trying to punish eachother. Sometimes shit doesn’t work out.
    I’m honestly kind of surprised that there are still people out there that think like all of you. I thought we were an evolving species.

  • Laura

    $1,500 for groceries?? what the fuck is she eating?

  • Dank

    $1500+ $800 a month for food/going out to eat? Is this bitch for real? No wonder she’s a fucking lard ass. She might want to put that $800 toward a gym membership. Fucking bitch. Dont mess with Melissa Etheridge. Her fans will fuck her up.

    • cyanide

      hahaha yes.. WTF? $1500 groceries and $800 for dining out… seriously? $2300 for food… for an adult and 2 kids… what the fuck do they eat? She’s a pig then…not even for LA… Or maybe is to invite her trailer park family to Lala-land to dine and fuck around on behalf of Melissa’s money….

  • LPB

    We are evolving. We think a lesbian couple should be treated the same way as a straight couple would be.

    Apparently The Blemish doesn’t agree with doing that.

  • Eddie

    Welcome to the World of Men and divorce!

    Ah, being a family law judge in a state with same-sex marriages must be a blast. What’s the response here? something along the lines of “But when we said the “right to marry” we didn’t mean the whole thing!”

  • SLH

    Hey Dank-you don’t have all of the facts. Tammy put her career on hold to take care of Melissa’s two oldest children from her previous relationship with Julie Cyper (Hale). Melissa and Tammy had only been together for a few MONTHS (2001)when Tammy took on this role as the caretaker with Julie for those two children. At the time Melissa had joint custody with Julie-one week the kids were with Julie and the other week with Melissa. So, really while Melissa was out working and advancing her career, the kids came to Melissa’s house while she was away and Tammy took care of them. If Tammy hadn’t done this-Melissa really wouldn’t have had the opportunity to develop the kind of relationships she (Melissa) now has with her two oldest children.

    When Melissa got cancer (2004), Tammy continued to take care of Melissa’s two children, nurse Melissa and work on a sitcom to bring in at least some of the money Melissa was able to make while she was going through chemotherapy.

    All of this before she ever had their twins in 2006.

    This situation has little to do with sexual orientation-it’s about what’s fair, honesty (or lack of that), what’s best for the now four children, etc……………

  • A Real Man

    I must side with Tammy on this one. Tammy can lose the weight and she’ll be a hot little lesbian once again. Melissa sings silly songs for her sapphic sister saps, and she’s ugly. Pretty lesbian wins, it’s that simple.

    • cy

      but this pretty lil fuck is a turd who never was and never will… if she keeps playing the left and suffered housewife… who wants to live off Melissa… golddigga… it was her choice to leave her acting… I hardly say it was acting… she had barely even started….

  • cyanide

    This is the best article I’ve found… it’s ludicrous the amount of money she detailed for expenses…. $1,500 for groceries? for 2 kids and an adult? and $800 dining out? WHAT THE HELL? Freakin’ bitch came from white trash trailer park.. and now wants to live the life of the rich and famous on behalf of ex wifey…. Please! Melissa should just pay child support for those kids.. and sadly for the house expenses since comfy bitch refuses to get a job…. Her kids are already in school…. can’t she get a job.. and a nanny while she works.. as every other woman who works does….? It was her choice to leave the acting… and is wasn’t as if she was at the top of her career… she worked on Popular for 2 seasons… then 70’s show… guest appearances I guess… errr Committed, which it got canceled… and a couple of lines on the L Word for 1 or 2 episodes… so… she left what?… Right… it was much more convenient to become house wifey than to flop around… cry me a fucking river… grow up… she has too much time to google herself around, considering she’s a mother right…

  • Sar X

    The fact that they’re lesbians has NOTHING to do with this. It’s quite pathetic to see that is the only major thing people keep throwing around. People get divorced, crap happens. And the fact that people are going to argue over a celeb’s life is just insane! No woman needs to pay 6,000 a month for rent, no woman needs 1,500 for food & 5,000 for clothes! That’s just teaching the kids to grow up & want more than they really need. Greed is a disgusting thing.

    Wow, they’re lesbians, omg! Get over it. Melissa might be wrong, Tammy might be wrong. Get over it! Seriously. This doesn’t make Melissa talentless & Tammy worthless. It just makes them two women going through the same issues that any woman goes through in a divorce. Idiots.

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