Julia Roberts is mistaken

Julia Roberts gave an interview to Star Magazine this week to promote her new movie Eat, Pray, Love and had some insight about men to give women. That being, “men don’t care what a woman looks like naked.” You can take from this that Julia Roberts is delusional and is an annoying know-it-all bitch. From Star via Celebitchy:

Do you agree with your character, who says how you look naked doesn’t mean anything?
Absolutely. Men don’t care what a woman looks like naked. It’s more about, ‘There’s a naked woman here with me.’ And anyway, that’s what dimmer switches were made for!

Right. Because there’s absolutely no difference between a naked Megan Fox and, say, a naked Mo’Nique. One is a hot chick with a tight body and perfect tits and the other is a hairy disfigured lump of Play-Doh. They’re practically the same when you turn down the lights!

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11 years ago

Woman so do not get men. Seriously, Julia, explain porn to me then? You know, cuz most guys don’t like looking at hot naked chicks with a huge fake rack. They prefer fat ugly women and those that look like 14year old boys.

11 years ago

This woman should move to India. We always knew she wasn’t all there. Now this statement really proves it. Maybe it is no man wants to see your over 40 stretched out body.

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