Kevin Federline is still fat

Kevin Federline used to be married to Britney Spears. He essentially ruined Britney by putting two kids inside her. After they divorced, Kevin got fat. Real fat. He looked like Homer Simpson in that episode where he finds out grotesque obesity is a disability and then has to wear miu mius because nothing else fit him.

Point being, Kevin still looks like that. He looks like a penguin waddling to a fish bucket. He tries to hide his fat ass with an oversized shirt and capris but that trick rarely works. It just makes him look like Marlon Brando in his later years. It’s also extremely awkward when your friend and girlfriend are wearing short shorts and beaters while you inch along behind them trying to avoid a heart attack. I bet if he fell onto his back he wouldn’t be able to flip himself over. This must be karmic justice for Britney and Popo Zao.

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he needs to lose weight and get a life the fat shit


So what if he’s fat? He still has made a great contribution to the music industry and the entertainment industry, so at least he has that to look back on. Hey, wait a minute…nevermind…:-D


you can see in his face that he is in pretty good shape, you guys wait till the wind bows his t-shirt a certain way ,

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