Lindsay Lohan was pulled over already

Days after being released from rehab, Lindsay was pulled over for rolling through a stop sign. She was on her way to dinner at the Chateau Marmont.

She was immediately pulled over by an eagle-eyed policeman who saw the whole thing, according to celebrity website TMZ.

Very luckily for Lohan, she was allowed to leave with just a warning. (Daily Mail)

Lindsay Lohan is driving and going out again? Ahh! Panic! The only thing Lindsay should be allowed to drive is a Power Wheel. And not one of those SUV ones either. They should only give her the Thomas & Friends Power Wheel so that when she drinks and drives it’ll be at a much less terrifying 5mph.

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Waste Basket
Waste Basket
9 years ago

Omg look someone forgot to take out the trash again…Lindsay get back in your trash can!

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