Chelsea Handler’s sex tape about to be released

Remember that video of Chelsea Handler which she claimed was a demo tape that was supposed to look like it was accidentally recorded over a sex tape? Well, it’s about to be released. Yay?

As previously reported, the VHS tape was made more than a decade ago after Chelsea moved to Los Angeles and was intended to be a demo of her stand-up routine and included a clip of her homemade sex tape.

But the sex on the tape, which may be simulated, is graphic enough not only to shock but also to draw substantial interest in releasing the tape publicly.

After nearly eight minutes of an excruciatingly bad and drawn-out waitress joke the tape cuts to Chelsea’s bedroom where she’s naked on all fours having what appears to be sexual intercourse with a male partner who speaks with a British accent.

The good news is this tape was recorded almost 10 years ago when she was around 25 which means she probably looked 35. The bad news is you might have already killed yourself during the eight minutes of Chelsea Handler stand-up that comes before it. Not even the promise of a threesome between Jessica Alba, Megan Fox and Ashley Greene could make me sit through to that.

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12 years ago

Well, looks like I have to poke my eyes out…

12 years ago

Chelsea Handler it turns out was also in a movie called The plotters back in 2001 where she has a fully topless love scene if ya wanna see it I have it right here on my blog check it out if you want

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