Jennifer Aniston’s Friends Avoid Chelsea Handler Like a Diseased Rat

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t seem all that tough to me. I wouldn’t bet on her in a fight. It turns out though, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got friends backing you. Chelsea Handler is learning that the hard way.

Jennifer Aniston has Handler beat in the looks department, and apparently looks beat brains when it comes to having a scary posse.

The two actresses were famous friends until their recent public break-up. “Jennifer found out that Chelsea was spilling secrets about her marriage [to actor Justin Theroux] and talking behind her back,” a friend of Handler’s disclosed.

An insider told Radar Online that “Jen’s friends are all staunchly loyal.” Aniston loves to be surrounded by celebrities, including Friends co-star Courteney Cox, as well as Jason Bateman, and, Ellen DeGeneres to name a few. All of them “are not interested in hanging with Chelsea” anymore.

“Chelsea’s trying to organize a huge Halloween party right now, even though it’s over three months away!” said the insider.

“She’s sent out tentative invites asking people to hold the dates, but the silence has been deafening, and a few have gone so far as to coldly decline,” continued the insider.

Damn, you’ve got to be really toxic if Ellen doesn’t want to see you.

This is because of Justin Theroux? That changes everything, Aniston has to get over herself. Has she seen Theroux? (I assume she has, so come on!) He can do comedy, he can do drama, he’s got abs like a cheese grater. If I bumped into him on the street, I’d blab secrets too just to get him to notice me. Jennifer is clearly a fan.

That’s what this is all about? Get over yourself Jennifer, you were in a movie where a marble-mouthed Scotsman kidnapped you. This is Justin Theroux we’re talking about. This whole situation reeks of jealousy. Jenifer, you need to share Justin with the rest of us.

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